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Saw lot doing Space Chimps game

Based on CGI film.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming Space Chimps film? I know I am. I also know that Brash Entertainment is, because it's making a game about it for PS2, Xbox 360, Wii and DS and plans to release it this summer.

Brash is the crowd sorting out the Saw game, so obviously there was some sort of job lot on film licences when they were last at the games industry shops.

Space Chimps, produced by John Williams (no no - another one) and Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black, etc), is a CGI film in which a circus chimp called Ham is chosen to lead a mission into space to explore a new planet, and then there's a crash landing and, in the unimprovable words of the press release, "Ham must prove that he really does have 'the right stuff'".

The game will "offer players a unique storyline that chronicles the quest of Ham and Luna as they overcome the perils of an alien planet in search of Earth's lost Infinity Space Probe".

There's currently no word on a European release.