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Saw game will be here next year

With lots of help from film makers.

Brash Entertainment has said its game tie-in for horror movie Saw is down for an October 2009 release.

The developer spilled its guts at a US press conference where punters got a taste of what to expect.

"You as game journalists are wasting your lives," the Jigsaw puppet told attending IGN reporters.

The game will apparently have lots of help from the film makers and bob in and out of the various Saw plots so far. It runs on Unreal Engine 3 too, which means it could well appear on 360 and PS3 - although nothing has been announced.

Saw is based around the idea of people being snatched from their day-to-day lives and put into horrific and eventually gory situations where they must make a sacrifice in order to obtain their freedom. Doing so should make them a better person and help them understand their faults.

It started out as a indie venture by a pair of Australians, who took their pilot to Hollywood and got the thumbs-up. One directed and one starred in it.

The first was film very good, if you ask me, and has prompted numerous sequels - the most recent being Saw IV.

Brash Entertainment was formed in 2007 as a publisher that will focus on making good games of films. It revealed it was working on a Saw title last June, and mentioned others such as 300 as a potential project.

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