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Gears getting GM is "normal" - Rein

Tsunoda just replacing the old one.

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Mark Rein says that former EA Chicago man Kudo Tsunoda's installation as general manager for Gears of War "is a normal reorganisation at Microsoft" and that he's looking forward to working with him.

"In practical terms this is a normal reorganisation at Microsoft," Rein told Eurogamer in an email. "They're a huge company with something like 70,000 employees and they re-organise their structure on a fairly regular basis.

"Kudo will be the GM in charge of the studio that oversees MGS/Epic publishing relationship. Our previous GM is moving over to the studio that oversees the Halo franchise where there's more action going on.

"We had dinner with Kudo during DICE [the Las Vegas developer summit] and I think we'll have fun working with him as we've had with all the folks we've worked with at Microsoft over the years," he added.

Tsunoda, whose previous work includes Fight Night Round 3 and Def Jam Icon at the now-defunct EA Chicago, is said to report to Microsoft Games bigwig Don Mattrick and apparently started in his new position last Monday.

Microsoft Game Studios man Shane Kim denied that this should be construed as some kind of confirmation of future Gears of War titles - something that Rein's response also seems to reflect.

Although, as we said before, there will be another Gears of War game. Just because there so obviously will be.

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