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MS confirms Gears manager appointment

Tsunoda in charge of game's business.

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Microsoft Game Studios' Shane Kim has confirmed that former EA Chicago man Kudo Tsunoda is now in charge of the 'Gears of War business' (to quote reports).

GameTap had reported in January that Tsunoda - who is best known for producing Fight Night Round 3 and for never taking his sunglasses off - had moved to Microsoft.

"I'm really excited about it," Kim told IGN at the DICE Summit. "We wanted to put more focus behind [Gears], and it's great to get a creative lead like Kudo."

Kim refused to say whether this meant we'd see more Gears of War games, pointing out that there's "an awful lot we can do just with version of one".

But of course there will be another Gears of War game, because Microsoft and Epic aren't complete idiots, and we never did find out where General RAAM got his frock.

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