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More Mass Effect content in March

Hour and a half of fresh adventure.

Microsoft has revealed that more Mass Effect content will be available to download on 10th March.

Dubbed Bring Down the Sky, it will cost 400 Microsoft Points (GBP 3.40 / EUR 4.80) and add a new world to explore - totalling around 90 minutes of fresh action.

This mysterious planet, or asteroid station, is home to a Batarian extremist group. They have hijacked it and plan to crash it into a nearby colony killing millions. Unpredictably you will have to stop them. Or possibly aid them. Who knows?

Batarians have yet to be seen in-game, but are talked about in the prequel novel Mass Effect: Revelation. They are similar to humans in build, but have no lips, slits for noses, and a second set of eyes underneath the first. Look how ugly they are, not to be species-ist.

Apparently they can mate with humans too, so we can put in a good word if you like.

Bring Down the Sky will be the first in a series of fresh downloadable content for the game, and also brings with it a new Achievement worth 50 Gamerpoints.

Mass Effect was released on 23rd November and won critics' hearts with its epic storyline and dramatic science-fiction setting, although most still argue over the merits of its combat system.

Head over to our Mass Effect review to find out more.

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