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Sudoku heading to Xbox Live Arcade

No sign of Carol.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Merscom (who indeed) has announced that it is publishing an Xbox Live Arcade sudoku game called Buku Sudoku this spring. There's no word yet on price.

Described as "the first, and only, Sudoku title for the Xbox Live Arcade" (hopefully a promise as well as a boast), it's exactly what it sounds like: the puzzle from the back of the newspaper where you try and fill boxes on a grid with numbers 1 through 9, without using the same number twice in the same box, row or column.

Buku Sudoku will have high resolution graphics as you can see in the screenshots, which Merscom reckons will make it easy to see things and make pencil marks. With your videogame controller.

The overkill doesn't end there either - the triggers and thumbsticks will apparently make for a fast entry method.

Oh, and bizarrely there's the promise of multiplayer sudoku, alongside claims of multiple puzzle sizes, difficulties, control schemes and tutorials so just about anyone can either get into it or continue enjoying it no matter their previous level of exposure.

Alternatively, you could buy some interesting DS puzzle games that are not sudoku, some of which are gathered together in our Japanese DS Roundup this morning.

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