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Nintendo's mysterious new patent

Skateboard peripheral on the way?

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo has registered a patent for what looks like a series of casings in which the Wii remote can be slotted to create a new peripheral.

As spotted by, the patent document refers to "A video game controller for a video game and a receptor assembly" and "A receptor having a shape substantially similar to a component appearing in the video game."

That sounds the Wii Zapper, you might think, the bit of plastic that turns the remote into a light gun. And indeed, the document states, "The receptor may be a gun-shaped sub-unit."

But have a look at the drawings included in the patent. They show all manner of casings which could be used to hold the remote.

Some of these make instant sense, like the tennis racket, baseball bat and fishing rod. But what about the bicycle, motorbike helmet and chair? Not to mention the teddy bear, which looks familiar. And is that some kind of virtual reality headset? Please, not that again.

Course it could be Nintendo's just trying to prevent other companies creating such peripherals, rather than working on plans to do so itself. But you know.

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