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Monster Hunter PSP gets install option

Cue DMC4 PS3 comparisons.

Capcom has revealed that you will be able to install Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G to the PSP memory stick to shorten loading times.

The publisher aired the news at a completion event in Japan, although it's unclear whether you will be able to transfer the entire game and if it will be an optional choice.

Capcom recently came under fire for making PS3 owners install Devil May Cry 4, a process that took just over 20 minutes and improved loading times by one or two seconds.

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G is an expansion to Monster Hunter Freedom 2 that will offer more nasties to beat up and fresh levels to stampede through.

The action role-playing series is fiendishly popular in Japan, and 2nd G should appear there sometime this year.

However, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G is yet to be given a European release.

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