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Secret NiGHTS content hidden on disc

SEGA promises surprises every month.

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SEGA has revealed there is hidden bonus content in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams that will change with every calendar month.

It is tucked away in the My Dreams part of the game, according to 1UP, where you raise A-LIFE creatures to be real boys someday if they behave and tell the truth.

January saw Nightopians celebrate the New Year by setting off fireworks every hour after midnight on 1st January.

February sees them celebrate the Chinese New Year by looking at a dragon and throwing explosives; March is for carnivals so they will wear some masks; April is for passion and wearing roses; May is the Boy's Festival in Japan so they fly carp streamers; June is for weddings so they hold bouquets or flower baskets; and July is for Bull-Running so they wear bull armour and a red cape.

August is for music so they will serenade you with a host of instruments; September is autumn so there will be full moon paper fans; October is Halloween so they will dress up as witches and carry pumpkin lanterns; November is Thanksgiving so probably something to do with turkeys; and December is Christmas so they will dress up like Santa, play around a Christmas tree, carry cakes, let off fireworks and sing songs.

This is all set to go off in accordance with your Wii calendar, which automatically sets itself if you are online, so only when you unplug will be able to cheat the system.

Otherwise it is a nice excuse to pop your NiGHTS disc in every once in a while, other than the game being happy and enjoyable and whatever else Tom called it in his review.

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