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NiGHTS Wii reports multiply

Swedish mag has it on cover.

Rumours that NiGHTS is on its way to Nintendo Wii appear to be on the money, with Swedish magazine GameReactor revealing that the game forms the basis of its next cover story.

That was followed by a German SEGA representative saying that he believes the game has been in development since May last year. Meanwhile, reports - citing unnamed sources - that development will be handled by the US-based Sonic Team. Former Sonic Team leader Yuji Naka is said not to be involved.

The target platform is thought to be Wii after the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine teased the game - using a starry outline of the lead character from the Saturn original - on the back page of its most recent issue, with the promise of more next month. However, it's been pointed out that an official Nintendo publication would be rather unlikely to mention other formats. GameReactor's NiGHTS issue has yet to be released, and the cover makes no mention of platform.

SEGA has yet to make any official comment, rejecting our most recent calls for confirmation late last week, and sending us straaaaight to voicemail this morning. We still remember the good old days when people sent out press releases and screenshots and stuff - what happened to that?