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NiGHTS Wii confirmed again

And no returns.

Following weeks of speculation and yesterday's Japanese unveiling, SEGA Europe has finally owned up to NiGHTS' existence - with the Wii-exclusive sequel to the Saturn classic confirmed as due for release this autumn ("fall") in the US and winter in Europe.

Players will use the Wiimote to fly through Nightopia, gliding, spiralling and looping through seven mystical worlds according to their gestures, and coming up with various ways to confront the pesky Nightmarens.

Expect the game to take "full advantage" of the Wiimote and tell a story of "hope and courage". Don't expect to see any screenshots on the Internet not of the magazine born, though, as those "exclusives" have still to hit.

"NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams takes full advantage of the innovative Wii Remote by letting gamers fly through breathtaking dream worlds," says SEGA Europe's marketing director Gary Knight.

"NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams brings an exciting and unique gameplay experience to one of SEGA's most cherished franchises and is sure to attract a new generation of fans." A bit like Take That.

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NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

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