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NiGHTS gets two-player mode

Plus network support at launch.

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SEGA has spilled news-beans that NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams will feature two-player and network support at launch, although exactly what form it will take is unconfirmed.

Both will join the returning A-Life feature from the Saturn original, which lets you capture and manipulate the inhabitants of Nightopia - even combining them with Nightmaren enemies to create weird Mepians.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams is an action-adventure game that takes place in a dream world. You play as flying jester-like character that enters the thoughts of two youngsters when they fall asleep.

Your goal is to help them overcome the fears accumulated in their waking life, by soaring through levels collecting orbs, defeating enemies using special abilities, and facing "unforgettable" boss battles conjured up by their nightmares.

The original game on the SEGA Saturn drummed up a significant following, and the publisher is hoping to cause more of a stir this time around with its fancy Wii controls.

NiGHTS is due for release in Europe early next year.

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