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New NiGHTS details

Shape-shifting persona masks.

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SEGA has updated its NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams website, shedding more information on the freshly announced Wii title.

It seems our asexual hero NiGHTS will have the option of wearing persona masks to shape-shift into different forms, each granting new abilities and exploration possibilies.

The first of these is the dragon mask, capable of transforming you into a giant scaly beast immune to the powerful wind effects of the sky, followed by a dolphin mask that will let you take on the form of Flipper and venture to the depths of the ocean. Then last but not least is the rocket mask granting you supersonic speeds - a bit like Michael Jackson turning into a spaceship in Moonwalker as he attempts to rescue Annie from Joe Pesci's goons. Not that we've ever watched it.

But perhaps the most unique and exciting feature to be announced on the website is the new WiiConnect24 implementation. Familiar things like going online to exchange items with friends will be in, but the ability to change the scenery according to real-world seasons using the Forecast Channel is what's really nifty.

Unfortunately there's little more information than that, so we'll have to keep our eyes peeled. But its got us speculating. Could it be that we'd see in-game changes to reflect day-to-day forecasts? Speak your brain in our handily placed comment system below.

NiGHTS was originally created on SEGA Saturn back in 1996. It cast you in the unisex boots of a fantastical creature who undertook a fluid aerial-combat adventure in the skies of Nightopia.

SEGA Europe finally admitted a Wii version was in development yesterday, and that it will boast seven levels of mystical environments to glide through using the unique possibilities of Nintendo's console.

Head over to the NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams website for more information.

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