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NiGHTS sequel downplayed again

"I'd love to do it. But I'm not. Not yet."

Optimistic NiGHTS fans have seen their hopes of a sequel dashed once again, after Sonic Heroes director Takashi Iizuka effectively withdrew a promising comment made in an interview with yankee rag Electronic Gaming Monthly.

Mr. Iizuka was the main designer on NiGHTS, and recently told EGM "I have some very strong, loyal fans out there, and I promise that as long as I'm with Sega I will create NiGHTS again... I just don't know when. There are no plans as of now. The more I hear from the fans about their love for the game, the more reasons I have to consider it as my next project."

But before anyone could get that excited, Iizuka popped up to clarify his comments. "While I would love to create a sequel to NiGHTS some time in the future, there are no plans for such a project at this time," he said, with a hint of regret (imagined by us, anyway).


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