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Wii to get Nerf gun peripheral

For remote or foam ammo.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Electronic Arts has sneakily revealed plans to release a Nerf gun peripheral for Wii.

Sample photos appeared in the same analyst presentation shots (thanks again, ShackNews) that have been leaking all sorts of EA secrets.

The revelation also comes on the back of EA and Hasbro (which owns the Nerf brand) announcing a partnership to produce some games, one being Nerf "N-Strike" for Wii and DS.

The gun is yellow and orange and you slot the Wiimote in the top. You can also pop your Nerf ammunition in there when in "Nerf mode", enabling you to pummel your pals with foam projectiles if they beat you in virtual multiplayer and make you angry, sorry, violent.

Sounds rather fun. But is nowhere near as good as my Desktop Defender that wards off unwanted stares, cups, glasses and passers-by - within a foot or so.

Nerf "N-Strike" is due out this autumn.

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