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Bionic Commando PS3 has Achievements

Or equivalents, anyway.

Capcom has said that while Bionic Commando on Xbox 360 will obviously have unlockable Achievements, the PS3 version will have a similar system of Trophies.

Producer Ben Judd told Eurogamer that in addition to the main game objective, players would be faced with "mini challenges", such as defeating ten particular enemies or performing a pair of back-to-back zip-kicks using the grapple hook.

These would then unlock new skills and Achievements on 360, while PS3 will have an equivalent system of rewards so that your accomplishments are recorded in the same way.

Judd also said that "there is a message" behind the game's story, which sees disavowed Bionics forming a renegade, terrorist unit, and that the plot will explore the idea of man versus machine and comment on the frailty of the lead character when robbed of the power of the bionic arm.

It's probably not as high-brow as all that, mind you, especially judging by how you can swing around the environments like a cyborg Tarzan splattering enemies.

The demo version on display at GDC also takes the game outside cities into a lush jungle environment with an impressive draw distance.

Less impressive were Judd's shoot-'em-up skills, which saw him perish repeatedly in close combat. Although if we had to provide scintillating insight into a game while playing a hard bit after 36 hours with no sleep, we'd probably be a bit rubbish as well.

Look out for more on Bionic Commando soon.

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