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GRIN's Final Fantasy game lives on

Square Enix takes project elsewhere.

Square Enix is still working on the Final Fantasy game that GRIN created but couldn't finish before collapsing last month.

Sources close to both parties have told GamesIndustry.biz that the game, initially signed off in Tokyo in the second half of last year and codenamed Fortress, was central to the collapse of the Swedish developer – Square took the project off GRIN after only six months of development due to concerns over quality issues.

Because business law in Sweden prohibits companies from going into debt without severe penalties, the developer was subsequently unable to bear its large wage burned without new projects, citing an "unbearable cashflow situation" as reason for closure last month.

GRIN had previously worked with Capcom on a new instalment in the Bionic Commando franchise, and while critical reception and sales numbers were modest, GamesIndustry.biz has been told that the Japanese firm was pleased with the results.

As well as Bionic Commando, the studio released two other titles earlier this year – Wanted: Weapons on Fate and Terminator: Salvation – both of which scored poorly in the specialist press.

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