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MS chops US HD-DVD drive price

Steals USD 50. Gives to poor.

Microsoft has dropped the price of the HD-DVD add-on for the Xbox 360 down to USD 129.99 in the USA.

Major "Larry Hryb" Nelson aired the news on his blog, confirming a similar (but relative) 50-dollar drop in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Unfortunately nothing was said about Europe, with Microsoft UK unavailable for comment.

Still, a trip down memory lane shows us that it took until October last year for Europe to get a special five-free-film bundle after the US got it at the beginning of last August.

The increasingly beleaguered HD-DVD format recently lost the backing of Warner Bros., with the Daffy Duck maestro deciding to side with Blu-ray.

Even Microsoft seems to have seen its long-term demise, as it told us all it never says never and talks to Sony all the time, so adopting Blu-ray at a later date is possible.

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