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Earn Fable 2 money in XBLA games

Plus, drop-in co-op confirmed for RPG.

Peter Molyneux has revealed that certain Xbox Live Arcade games will allow you to earn virtual money that you can then spend in Fable 2.

He also revealed that Fable 2 will feature drop-in co-operative play where you can tax your friends for what they earn in your game world - with the rest available for them to take back to theirs.

But the XBLA connection will draw more attention, we reckon. The first game will be called Keystone. It's a simple-looking gambling game - "it's a little bit like craps" apparently - and it will also be accessible from in-game pubs.

We weren't told how much Keystone will cost, but it will be released "a few weeks before we release Fable 2" in Molyneux's words - the idea being that you can build up stocks of cash and then splurge in-game.

Molyneux spoke to Eurogamer about the concept earlier this week under embargo, so you can read more about it in the Fable 2 preview we've just published.

Interesting things not mentioned in the speech include the fact that "It's more than one game", so Keystone will be part of a posse, and that the games aren't designed by Lionhead.

Molyneux told Eurogamer that the original idea for this was his very own, before it was fleshed out thanks to his partners at Microsoft.

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