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PC Gaming Alliance to save world

From bears. MS, Dell and others sign up.

Don't listen to Cliff Bleszinski, or Peter Molyneux, because PC gaming is going to be fine, and it's all thanks to the likes of Alienware, Intel and Microsoft - members of the newly formed PC Gaming Alliance.

As well as sounding like the bad guys in a Red Alert game and having a really eye-catching grey website, the PC Gaming Alliance is designed to "be the Authoritative Voice of PC Gaming World Wide".

"We will make data that highlights and promotes the PC platform to analysts, press and the public," says the Alliance, as special rings are flashed and the air is thickened by the swooshing of cloaks.

So, who forms the Alliance? Unveiled at GDC in puffs of smoke and BlackBerry-waggling were Activision, Microsoft, Acer/Gateway, Dell/Alienware, Intel, AMD/ATI, NVIDIA, Razer and Epic Games.

"PCGA members believe that we are stronger and more effective together than any member company is alone," said Randy Strude from the Intel camp, clearly someone who also feels that a proper Devastator would have made the Transformers film better, "and that our shared vision and group effort will improve PC gaming worldwide."

Fantastic stuff! So, how is all this going to work? Well, it's simple really. According to the PCGA website, the PCGA "will promote the PC Gaming Industry and the PC as a gaming platform, provide web and event based forums to discuss, debate and influence all aspects of PC development for gaming for all regions of the world, and guidance to help resolve industry-wide challenges such as: Piracy, Cheating, Security, Consumer experience."

It's the promoting the PC "as a gaming platform" that observers will be pleased with. With console manufacturers tying up all the good shop space and throwing money the PC devs don't have at promotion (witness Sony's seemingly massive investment in British TV ads for Burnout Paradise, for instance), perhaps the PC could do with a bit of financial kick and proper, selfless evangelism.

What do you reckon, Eurogamers - will it work?

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