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Samurai Warriors 2 expansion for Live

Xtreme Legends coming in March.

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Koei plans to unleash a Samurai Warriors 2 expansion on 21st March.

Those of you with the original game on 360 will be able to buy it via Live for 2400 Points (GBP 20.40 / EUR 28.80). PS2 owners will have to pop into shops to pick up a copy - no price has been confirmed, but it should be about the same.

This meaty expansion introduces six new legendary characters, fresh scenarios and six additional difficulty settings - some easier, some more taxing.

You'll also be able to climb from level 50 to level 70, make use of new charge attacks and try out a fifth weapon.

Koei is making life a little easier by adding a Mercenary system too, so you can hire samurai side-kicks to fight alongside you. Co-operative play for you and a friend can now be used in Story and Free mode as well.

We rather liked Samurai Warriors 2 when it was released in September 2006. Our only niggle with it was a rather low camera angle, but otherwise it was a solid instalment in a solid series.

Pop over to our Samurai Warriors 2 Xtreme Legends gallery for the first shots of the new content.

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