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C&C Red Alert 3 in the works

Big secret not so secret any more.

Red Alert 3 appears to be the big Command & Conquer secret producer David Silverman has been promising to announce at the end of February.

Its beans were prematurely spilled by a promotion for the next issue of PC Gamer, which unveiled the title on the cover beside a lovely pouting eastern European lady wearing hot pants and holding a an AK-47. Dreamy.

No other details, such as platforms and dates, have been revealed as yet.

The magazine goes on sale on 4th March, with David Silverman set to air his secret on 29th February.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert first appeared back in 1996 and is based around the idea that Albert Einstein travelled back in time to kill Hitler and prevent the atrocities he committed.

Alas, it all backfired and subsequently Joseph Stalin and his Soviet forces romped into Europe and produced a war of equal ferocity.

Red Alert proved an enormous real-time strategy hit, particularly with the emerging online multiplayer market, where a friend of mine got to number two on Casey's Ladder. Mind you, he did used to sniff an awful lot, which was terribly off putting.

It was given a trio of expansion packs, before finally getting a sequel in 2000. This was decent but had nowhere near the impact of the first.

What would you like to see make a return in Red Alert 3, Eurogamer reader?

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

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