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Photo frames hack game accounts

Insignia devices carry dangerous virus.

Reports are emerging of a dangerous computer virus called Mocmex - capable of hacking online gaming accounts - finding its way onto home PCs via digital photo frames.

The frames in question - made in China for Insignia, and sold in the US by the huge Best Buy chain - have been discontinued, but not recalled. However, says Engadget, the virus threat they represent is worse than originally thought.

Mocmex is able to block many types of anti-virus software and bypass the Windows firewall (it attacks only Windows PCs). It's set to steal gaming passwords at present, but experts at Computer Associates say it's capable of stealing any personal information on your machine.

The hacking and strip-mining of online gaming accounts, particularly MMOs, can be a profitable business, with one player's in-game items and currency potentially worth thousands of dollars.

If you insist on replacing the most mundane, everyday objects in your life with digital gadgets, we might suggest that having a picture frame steal your virtual sword is exactly the fate you deserve. But then, we're a bit old-fashioned like that.

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