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Okami Wii 16:9/480p support confirmed

Feelings of joy and excitement.

Capcom has revealed that Okami will boast widescreen and progressive scan support on Wii.

Confirmation comes by way of the Capcom Store, which listed the sought-after 16:9 and 480p additions on the product specifications for the game. The PS2 original did not support these video modes.

The website also says that the title will be available in the US in March, a date Capcom bigwig Christian Svensson said was "possible" last week.

However, he has since restated that conversion developer Ready At Dawn is not being rushed, and Okami on Wii will be "done when it's ready".

"As you can see from my original blog entry about how Okami came to be, we started this project with RAD last April. Just because we didn't announce it until October, doesn't mean we started it in October," began Svensson.

"It's a 10 or 11 month project, and the budget on it is probably higher than three quarters of the games that have come out on Wii.

"Also, this 'IT HAS TO HIT XYZ DATE' and 'we're forcing it out' is bull. The game will be done when it's ready. We still don't have approved code, and changes and fixes are still being made. The knee-jerk fan boy reactions are off-the-chart silly," he added.

A European release date for Okami Wii is still up in the air, with Svensson confident there will be only a "little lag" between here and the US.

Pop over to our Okami PS2 review for an idea of what to expect.

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