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SEGA bringing PS3-exclusive to the West

Valkyria Chronicles. Very pretty.

SEGA has said it will be bringing gorgeous PS3-exclusive Valkyria Chronicles to the West this autumn.

You might know it as Valkyrie of the Battlefield, and you also may have seen it on Eurogamer TV, parading around as a cel-shaded role-playing strategy game.

More specifically it's built on a new Canvas engine, and is said to look like a watercolour painting in motion. It also has a funny Blitz battle system where you can move and attack freely despite being a tactical RPG affair.

Valkyrie of the Battlefield takes place in a make-believe world roughly modelled on 1930s Europe, where the Empire and Federation are the two ruling powers. Sounds familiar: where's Hitler?

Anyway, this Empire force invades a neutral country called Gallia which, unsurprisingly, happens to be situated in the middle of the two factions.

You take the role of Welkin and his fellow soldiers in the 7th Platoon of the Federation, as you use weapons to sort everything out.

SEGA Japan is developing it, and must be nearly done because it's due out in Japan in April.

Meanwhile, pop over to Eurogamer TV for the trio of videos, or into our Valkyria Chronicles gallery for the first shots.

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