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David Jaffe to deliver GDC keynote

Will discuss his career history.

God of War creator David Jaffe has been confirmed as a keynote speaker for this year's Game Developers Conference.

The conference is taking place in San Francisco from 18th - 22nd February. Jaffe's speech is titled 'From Grunt to God to Startup: Career Lessons From the Edge of Game Development'.

It will focus on the lessons he's learned during his time in the games industry. Jaffe, of course, was the brains behind God of War and Calling All Cars. He now runs his own indie studio, Eat Sleep Play, and is working on several unannounced games for PlayStation 3.

We'll get to, "Find out what was on his pros and cons list, as well as what blowback he got from the reality of running his own shop, as well as other insights from the edge of game development."

Should be interesting; Jaffe is well known for his outspoken views. Most recently he hit the headlines following an interview with Wired.

The interviewer said, "Apparently when Miyamoto first went to Retro Studios, they were making a car combat game. He said, "Why would you make that? Why would you put a gun on a car?" And they stopped development on the game. So maybe you should answer that question. Why would you put a gun on a car?"

Jaffe's response: "You know, honestly, I've been too busy recently trying to figure out why the f*** go-karts shoot banana peels."

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