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Everyday Shooter, GH3 tracks on PSN

Everybody's Golf PS3 demo, too.

Riff: Everyday Shooter leads the weekly PlayStation Store update this week, but you should already know that if you glue your face to Eurogamer.

It costs GBP 4.99 and is well worth the money, as Tom pointed out in his review.

Of note elsewhere are demos for Patapon - a week earlier than expected - fresh WipEout Pulse tracks for GBP 2.99, and a Classic Rock Pack for Guitar Hero 3 that costs GBP 3.99.

Inside that are "Juke Box Hero" by Foreigner, "Any Way You Want It" by Journey, and "Peace of Mind" by Boston.

All the rest looks like an enticing demo of Everybody's Golf World Tour PS3, and an update for Feel Ski. There's a demo of SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 2 on PSP, which might be a little less exciting.

Oh, there are some videos for Conflict: Denied Ops (our review will be here very soon - we're just trying to talk Ellie down off the ledge) and Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, as well as a Resident Evil 5 wallpaper and Super Stardust HD Theme.

As ever, everything that's on the PS3 is accessible through the PSN Store, while PSP content is grabbed via the PC Store website.

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