Conflict: Denied Ops

X360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 10

Digital FoundryX360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 10

Vegas 2, Army of Two, Lost, Blacksite, Conflict, Lost Planet, DW6.

Welcome to the latest in Eurogamer's on-going coverage of cross-format games development, our chance to go back and supplement existing reviews with additional console-specific coverage.

As is the norm, there's roundup commentary on the gameplay of each title, combined with technical analysis for both PS3 and Xbox 360 releases. Backing that up is the usual range of 720p and 1080p (where PS3 supports it) full precision, full-range 24-bit RGB dumps of every game, courtesy of the Digital Foundry HD capture unit. With Eurogamer you get the full, uncompressed picture of what the respective consoles are pumping out, with no recourse to murky, jerky streaming video.

Onto the games then. There's quite an intriguing line-up of the best and the very, very worst in cross-platform development in this round, with an unintended emphasis on co-op gameplay and Epic's Unreal Engine 3 technology.

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Conflict: Denied Ops

Conflict: Denied Ops

Gruesome twosome.

In which a burly, gruff black man with a machine gun and a muscly, gruff white man with a sniper rifle run around the world shooting foreigners in the name of justice. Or freedom or revenge or something else entirely; it's hard to tell and impossible to care. Yes, it's another game with the word Ops in the title, so expect lots of guns and grenades, tanks and helicopters, oil barrels to blow up and boxes to hide behind.

And it's another game with the word Conflict in the title, so if you're a fan of the series you might expect to control a four-man squad from a third-person perspective. But no. As designer Terry Watts told us earlier this year, Denied Ops is Pivotal's attempt to bring Conflict to a wider audience.

They reckon players were put off by the complexity of the tactics and control system in previous instalments. These elements have been simplified in a bid to create a tactical shooter anyone can pick up and play. The perspective has switched to first-person, and now you have only two men to control.

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Weekly Demos Roundup

Frontlines, Turok, Conflict.

On Friday, I cut some ham too close to the edge of the table and the plate flipped over and landed on my lap then tumbled onto the floor. That's not my best story, but I thought it was more interesting than the new demo line-up this week.

Demo Roundup - 28th Jan to 4th Feb

Conflict, Katamari, DMC4.

It's been another bare week for demos. But I stood up on a surfboard in the freezing cold waters of Cornwall. That made me happy, at least until I fell off and hit my back on a rock and tried not to cry. You could say I had a bit of conflict with the water, which is interesting, as Conflict: Denied Ops is one of the new samplers to tell you about.

While PAL PS3 owners poke the online shop with their toes to check if those new PSone games still have motor function, our friends in America are being invited to check out a demo of Conflict: Denied Ops.

Conflict: Denied Ops

Super sharp shooter?

Everything's going all casual these days - sex, Fridays, commercially successful first-person tactical shooter series. Just look at Conflict: Denied Ops. It's in development at Pivotal Games, it's coming to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this spring, and as designer Terry Watts explains, it's the first time a Conflict game has been aimed at casual players.

Conflict: Denied Ops

Co-op fun for one.

It's been five years since Conflict: Desert Storm hit the shops. The first game in Pivotal's tactical shooter series received a warm critical reception (not least from the likes of us), and went straight to number one in the charts. The three sequels which followed also turned out to be best-sellers, despite (or because of) largely being more of the same.

Crossfire gets new name

Becomes Conflict: Denied Ops.

Eidos has decided to rename Crossfire to Conflict: Denied Ops, so that we all realise its the next instalment in the Conflict series.

Crossfire for X360 and Vista

Pivotal's latest. Co-op FPS.

Eidos and Pivotal Games have announced Crossfire for Xbox 360 and Windows Vista during this evening's X06 festivities.