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Conflict developer Pivotal to close

As a result of Eidos re-structuring.

Conflict: Denied Ops developer Pivotal Games is to close its doors, reports.

Sources close to the company said 99 of the staff have been made redundant, with the rest expected to follow within three months as the studio is wound down completely.

Eidos revealed that a small number of staff will stay to work on other projects.

"Eidos' parent company SCi Entertainment Group announced on February 29 its plans to re-structure its business and to focus on cornerstone studios and core franchises," said a spokesperson for the publisher.

"As part of this process Eidos confirms that despite reviewing a number of alternative options, we are closing Pivotal Games but we will be keeping a team of 10-12 specialists in Bath - who will work on specific projects for the group."

SCi also plans to cut staff by around 25 per cent and cancel a number of projects in various stages of development.

Conflict: Denied Ops is the most recent in the war series and was released early this year on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Unfortunately it lacked the sort of substance many were after and only managed average scores. Head over to our Conflict: Denied Ops review to find out why.

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