Conflict: Global Storm

Conflict Global Storm

Conflict Global Storm

Because Terror is a sensitive issue.

It's comforting to be able to predict things at this time of year. Like the crispness of the air when summer gives way to autumn, the incredulous looks you get by growing a beard, or the number of smug new ways for PES fans to belittle the latest FIFA despite having no intention of playing it for more than 30 seconds. But other things that we have an uncanny knack of being able to foresee we gain absolutely no joy from, such as Norwich's depressing defeat to Reading on Saturday, the lack of sleep from impending parenthood [I'm not convinced that one falls under the royal 'we', boss - Tom] or the September arrival of a Conflict game that doesn't live up to its potential (and then goes in with a bullet at number one).

But this time we were almost certain Pivotal was really listening to the fans, and determined to release a game that does the series justice. All the talk of dynamic, reactive AI seemed to be more than idle pre-release hype; seeing it being demonstrated certainly gave us hope, and we felt that solving this particular foible would wipe out most of the game's issues at a stroke.

Yet, for the fourth version running, Conflict's gameplay remains much the same, with enemies all-too happy to charge at you like a suicide bomber playing tag, but more of that in a minute.

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Conflict gets name change

Terror off the menu.

Appropriateness is not generally the games industry's strong point, but in a move to distance itself from appearing exploitative, SCi-dos has announced that Conflict Global Terror will now be known as the far more innocuous Conflict Global Storm.

Conflict: Global Terror

Touchy subject ahoy.

There's bad timing and then there's Pivotal timing. Not content with somehow managing to release Conflict Desert Storm just before the second tussle with Saddam got underway (and getting the stunningly-subtitled 'Back To Baghdad' sequel out in time for the real thing), it's now inadvertently lining up its take on The War On Global Terror with breathtaking inappropriateness. Roger Bennett, we've got The Daily Mail on line one...