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Kane & Lynch, Crossfire to hit PS3 as well as Xbox 360/PC

SCi hits on new strategy.

Eidos mother-company SCi has decided to release Kane & Lynch and Crossfire on PlayStation 3 after all, having previously planned to dodge Sony's new console until sales really picked up.

In a statement to the City this morning the publisher said it now felt that the console's installed base would reach "critical mass" in the company's 2008 financial year.

That means that Kane & Lynch - the next game from Hitman creators Io Interactive - will be targeted to arrive simultaneously on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC pre-Christmas this year, while Crossfire (a new entry in the Conflict series) will arrive early next year on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

SCi says it's also in "advanced negotiations" for the film rights to Kane & Lynch. A film based on Hitman is already in production with Fox.

To read more on SCi's corporate thinking, head over to, where "the Group" and "the board" get a broader airing, and there are lots of bits inside quote marks and all sorts. Those guys.

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