Super Stardust HD


Defender creator Eugene Jarvis is teaming up with Resogun dev Housemarque

"All I know now is that it is going to be explosive."

Super Stardust spiritual successor a PlayStation 4 exclusive

Housemarque also making an unannounced PS4 project.

New Super Stardust HD DLC announced

Impact Mode smashes into PSN next week.

Digital Foundry | Super Stardust HD: 3D performance analysis

Twice the frames, all the performance. Awesome.

Digital Foundry | 3D Super Stardust boosts 2D performance

1080p60, extra AA, split-screen upgrades.

Maguire: People will buy 3D content

"People who bought iPads will buy 3D TVs."

PS3 3D titles priced, out this week

Patches free to owners, 3D TV buyers.

Japan's PS3 3D game updates next week

SSHD, WipEout and PAIN. PAIN's to cost.

Sony 3D TV buyers get free games in June

3D PS3 firmware to precede HX803 launch.

Feature | Tech Retrospective: Super Stardust HD

The behind-the-scenes story of PlayStation 3's first great shooter.

PlayStation Store covered in E3 goodies

Fatal Inertia EX, Warhawk patch, videos.

PS3 trophies now in Super Stardust HD

Uncharted, Burnout Paradise to join in.

Everyday Shooter, GH3 tracks on PSN

Everybody's Golf PS3 demo, too.

The Club demo on PSN

Plus Snakeball, Stardust demos.

Super Stardust HD goes live

Joined on PSN by two others.

Calling All Cars, Stardust dates

MotorStorm update this week.

Snakeball for PSN in July

Plus more Stardust details.

Super Stardust HD

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