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Maguire: People will buy 3D content

"People who bought iPads will buy 3D TVs."

Sony Computer Entertainment's UK boss Ray Maguire has told Eurogamer that he has no worries about people buying into the company's 3D dream because there will always be early adopters.

"The same argument would have been levelled at introducing a £425 PS3," he told Eurogamer in an interview at the launch of Sony's 3D services when asked who was actually going to buy all this 3D content.

"The answer is, people do want new technology. There are always early adopters of technology; the same people who bought iPads are the same people who will buy 3D TVs.

"People crave the next experience. That's how we're programmed - we want bigger, better, deeper experiences. One of the ways to get those is by relying on companies like Sony to put R&D into technology and innovation."

Sony is betting big on 3D, and this week it becomes the first of the major platform holders to sell 3D games content, having patched PS3 with the fundamental capacity to handle stereoscopic 3D in late April's 3.3 firmware update.

3D versions of WipEout HD, PAIN and Super Stardust HD, along with a one-level 3D demo of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, will be sold for £23.99 / €29.99 on PlayStation Store and given away free with new 3D Bravia TVs from 10th June, while existing owners of the games will be able to patch them for free.