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Calling All Cars, Stardust dates

MotorStorm update this week.

Sony UK has dated a few upcoming additions to the PlayStation 3 Store.

MotorStorm's "Time Attack" mode will be released this Friday, 15th June, worldwide, and you won't have to pay a penny for its company. Full details of the changes - including a few tweaks to interface and online stability - can be found in our previous report.

Next up after that is Calling All Cars!, reviewed last week, which will cost GBP 4.99 / EUR 7.99 when it arrives on the following Friday, 22nd June. Put together by Sony's Santa Monica team - including outspoken God of War developer David Jaffe - Calling All Cars! is about rounding up crims and driving them to jail.

And it will be joined a week later on 29th June at the same price point by Super Stardust HD. Derived from the 1993 Amiga title, it's a bit like Asteroids, and a bit good. We'll be telling you exactly how good later this week, but early word from Review Squad is that it's one of the PS3 Store's best to date. And to be dated.