Calling All Cars

Calling All Cars!

Calling All Cars!

Trevor. Or maybe Kev.

This was the PlayStation Store game I was waiting for. Forged by the same gamesmiths that created the beyond-awesome God of War, I was very eager to see what David Jaffe and his Incognito team at Sony's Santa Monica Studios could do with the downloadable game concept. The fact that Calling All Cars! was built from the ground up to be a multiplayer game was also great news, especially as there's a distinct lack of decent online titles in the PlayStation Store catalogue.

Calling All Cars! is supremely easy to get to grips with: chase down escaped cons across the map, then get them back to the cop shop to earn score. If one of your three cop competitors has beaten you to the prize, ram his vehicle or use one of three weapons to steal the perp away from him, then put your foot down and get back to the nick post haste to claim your points.

It's this final part of the chase that is the most interesting in that there are typically three different ways of depositing your captive; the higher the risk you take in dropping him off, the more points you accrue. Typically a jump or ramp-assisted bust yields the biggest rewards, but on select levels there are also bonuses for dropping off your prisoner with a paddy wagon, or getting him air-lifted away via a roaming helicopter.

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Calling All Cars delayed

Misses European date.

Sony Europe has confirmed to Eurogamer that downloadable PS3 game Calling All Cars will miss its 25th May release date following a round of last-minute bug-fixing over in the States, where former God of War director David Jaffe and pals have been tweaking it. "We're currently tracking an early June release," a spokesperson told us.

PSN trio slip a week

Calling All Cars and friends.

Go! Puzzle isn't the only PlayStation 3 game that's slipped - Calling All Cars, Nucleus and Super Stardust HD have all hopped a week into the future.