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Calling All Cars delayed

Misses European date.

Sony Europe has confirmed to Eurogamer that downloadable PS3 game Calling All Cars will miss its 25th May release date following a round of last-minute bug-fixing over in the States, where former God of War director David Jaffe and pals have been tweaking it. "We're currently tracking an early June release," a spokesperson told us.

Speaking on the NeoGAF forum, Jaffe said two bugs were found "at the last second". "About 30% of the time if the host of a network game quit to the XMB or powered off his PS3, the other folks in the game would experience a hang/crash when going back to the game lobby. This was way too frequent for a crash bug and we wanted it fixed," Jaffe said of the first. Elsewhere, "If players were doing voice chat and one player unplugged his head set and quit out of the game, when he tried to jump into a new game, about 50% of the time the player would be able to play the game but no one could hear him over voice chat." The team also corrected an issue that was highlighted in one of Calling All Cars' first online reviews, and as a result of all that, the game dropped from its US 3rd May target date and - as we've discovered this morning - shifted from our 25th May date as well.

Which leaves us plenty of time to have a flick through Jaffe's increasingly vitriolic blog, from which the developer has declared that he plans to withdraw for a while until he has something new to announce - a decision that followed a round of posts about reviews, gamers and even those of us writing news items. Apparently we take "the part of the post that is inflammatory enough to get the haters in a tizzy and get hits on the site". The very thought.

"But for the time being, I'm going to go dark. My stylings have upset some folks within the biz I care very much about and that I can not live with. For me, it's always been silly, stupid fun... you know, giving what I get, talking like a lot of folks on geeky message boards do, trash talking, etc. But I guess some folks have taken it to heart and that's not cool for me. End of the day, even the folks who spew much venom my way, I probably would like very much in real life. As I've said before, we're all geeks and if you can't get along with a fellow geek, then what's the point."

Or you could call them "total f***ing assholes" or tell them to "GO F*** YOUR MOTHER UP HER JIGGLY *** ****". Which is what he'd been doing earlier. For more - including some of Jaffe's thoughts on how reviewers approach casual games, or games released through downloadable services like PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade - be sure to tackle his blog in full.