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ThreeSpeech dates PSN games

Looks for love.

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Sony's unofficial best friend ThreeSpeech has dated three more PlayStation Network titles.

According to its provisional prophecies we'll be seeing Calling all Cars on 18th May, Nucleus on 25th May and Super Stardust HD on June 15th.

Unfortunately Sony wasn't around to confirm or deny these dates, which will probably turn out to be American anyhow.

Calling all Cars is a humorous and fast-paced take on cops 'n robbers that takes place in a cartoon world. You and your friends will play as a bounty hunters, zooming around the crime-riddled streets trying to be the first to apprehend the runaway robbers – earning reward money when you do so. There'll be trunks full of weapons to spice things up and multiplayer action for up to four of you. Head over to our Calling all Cars gamepage for more information.

Nucleus, on the other hand, takes part inside a human body. You control a microscopic remote-controlled craft, which blasts away nasty cells from healthy bloodstreams. It's also got lots of nifty tricks up its sleeve, like a tractor beam that can link cells together to create shields, and the ability to collect protein to make big screen-clearing bombs. Mm, protein.

Finally there's Super Stardust HD, which pops you in a spacecraft and asks you to destroy everything you see. You hover around 3D planets blasting asteroids and debris out of your way using three different weapons. Once you've cleared a certain portion them nasty aliens will appear and try to kill you. It's looks absolutely bananas in a similar way to Geometry Wars, which is definitely a good thing in our books.

Network titles are available to buy from the PlayStation Store. All you need is a PS3, an Internet connection and some money.

Saunter over to the PlayStation website for more information.

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