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Super Stardust HD goes live

Joined on PSN by two others.

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Super Stardust HD has been released on PlayStation Store today priced GBP 4.99, having picked up a whopping 9/10 review from us just a few days ago. Sadly there's no sign of a demo.

It's joined there by PS3 Store ports of Gauntlet II and Championship Sprint, both of which are going for GBP 1.99.

Not only that, but the Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo has arrived, along with an interview with MotorStorm product owner Paul Hollywood and Blu-ray trailers for Superman Returns and Full Metal Jacket.

The full version of Ninja Gaiden Sigma is due out here this summer, and you can read our impressions of the demo by stepping through the blue words.

Alternatively you can read what the game director had to say in our Yosuke Hayashi interview. That's his name, obviously.

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