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Gas Powered Games targets casual

Not lying down.

Gas Powered Games may be best known for its role-playing and real-time strategy titles, but the studio boss Chris Taylor has said that he's also currently targeting the casual gamer market, GamesIndustry.biz reports.

Speaking during an invite-only lunch at GDC this week, Taylor revealed the Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander team wants to reach those currently playing games like PopCap's Peggle.

"I'm curious about how to get a game out to the 200 million people that have been downloading Peggle and all of these 'match three' games. That's what I'm going after. I've been cooking something up," he said.

"Those [users] want something a lot more sophisticated but as simple. We can't complicate simplicity. It's the idea that depth and complexity are not directly linked. And if something's simple, its not boring," he added.

Last year Taylor hinted that the studio was already working on a number of new projects, including its first title for home consoles.

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