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Race Driver: GRID squashed onto DS

Track editor makes headline return.

Codemasters has rather unsurprisingly decided to follow up its Race Driver DS success by announcing a handheld version of GRID.

Unsurprising because previous outing Race & Create was actually very good, with a widely celebrated track editor, tailored handheld challenges, and an online mode to make Microsoft and Sony jealous.

All make welcome returns here too, with Codemasters clearly sticking to the not broken don't fix it mantra.

There are quick events from time trials to speed tests and chases to get stuck into, as well as a meaty career mode spanning three continents: Europe, America and Asia.

Firebrand Games is behind the helm again, and will hopefully polish up the visuals to complete what was otherwise the most jam-packed bundle we have seen in a long time.

Head over to our Race Driver: GRID gallery for the first shots. One has an apple in.

Race Driver: GRID will be out on DS this summer.

Pop over to our Race Driver: Create & Race review for an idea of what to expect.

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Race Driver: GRID

PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Nintendo DS

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