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Cheap This Week - 20/07/11

GTA 4 Episodes! GRID! Killzone 2!

Buckle up folks, here's another boatload of discounted digital fun for you to get your grubby mitts all over. The best priced games from all over the land are collected right here for your convenience. Get yourself over to SavyGamer.co.uk to keep up to date with all the cheap games, as and when they are cheap.

Here are this week's deals:

GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony, Xbox 360 – 800 MS Points

GTA IV: The Lost and Damned, Xbox 360 – 400 MS Points

These prices are only available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers, and you'll need GTA IV to be able to play them.

Christian gave The Lost and Damned a solid 8/10, saying:

"With a fulsome single-player campaign that will soak up somewhere in the region of fifteen hours of your time while threading in a genuinely memorable story, and a pile of new distractions, there's no question that Rockstar has raised the bar on what players should expect from downloadable content."

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of a stolen bike.

Then Tom followed suit by giving Gay Tony an 8/10 too:

"Like The Lost and Damned, it's a sizeable chunk of game, too, taking around a dozen hours to exhaust completely, and that's before multiplayer is taken into account. Perhaps Tony Prince does nothing to drag the series forward - somewhat fittingly for a man with his head stuck in the eighties - but the episode Rockstar has named in his honour is a colourful and pleasingly unpredictable adventure that gets better throughout and ends on a high."

Grid, PC - £2.99

A slick track racer from Codies, Grid's got a fair few clever tricks up it's sleeve. Chief among them is probably the "flashback" features, where you can rewind any mistakes, much like the Sands of Time.

Tom loved it, and gave it a Eurogamer 9/10 for it's trouble:

"GRID is a great success: the single-player is varied without being confusing; the online multiplayer supports 12 players and damage modelling, reducing the number of first-corner pile-ups; tracks and cars are well chosen and recreated; and Flashback allows you to race with the same determination on lap three as you did on lap one, mitigating risk in a manner of which other racing game developers will soon be envious."

Codemasters are giving their cut of the sales from this promotion to a range of charities too, so you get a game and a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

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