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Codemasters' Raeburn leaves studio

The brain behind GRID and DiRT.

The executive producer of Codemaster's key racing titles has left the UK publisher to pursue personal projects.

Gavin Raeburn was responsible for overseeing the reboot of Codemasters' Colin McRae franchise and the Race Driver series, recently renamed GRID.

"After successfully rebooting two of Codemasters' heritage franchises as DiRT and GRID, executive producer Gavin Raeburn has moved on to pastures new," said Gavin Cheshire, vice president of Codemasters Development in a statement.

"Following the recent success of the award winning DiRT 2, it's positive for any individual to move when they feel they're at the top.

"He leaves having built an incredibly talented team that's led by key players who will drive our racing portfolio forward. He has my best wishes and our thanks for all the successes enjoyed during his time at Codemasters."

The latest DiRT game was released last month, scoring 8/10 on Eurogamer.