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Codies looks for taxi driver progeny

The one that almost killed Churchill.

Codemasters has hired a historian to track down the descendants of a taxi driver that almost killed Winston Churchill.

No, not to get revenge, but to promote its new game Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. It wants to honour the progeny of Mario (unrelated) Contasino for providing the inspirational twist to its game, you see.

Turning Point is based around the idea that Churchill (then a statesman) had been killed years before the war broke out, and Hitler had not been repelled but continued unchecked onto American soil.

Seems far-fetched though, given that a Japanese invasion would have been more likely. And the US had no quarrel with Hitler until Pearl Harbour was bombed anyway. Crossing that ocean would have been no small feat, either. But bear with us.

You can keep up with historian David McCarthy - no relation to the Eurogamer reviewer Dave - on his blog.

"It's a modern-day treasure hunt, and one I'm relishing," said David McCarthy, face buried in books.

It does an ample job of detracting attention away from recent comments by developer Spark Unlimited that it was hurriedly trying to polish the final version of its game for a February launch on 360, PS3 and PC.

Many of you had bad things to say about the recent Live demo you see, but Spark said its final code was very different but that it was listening to your concerns. Which seemed a bit close to release for our comfort.

Pop over to our Turning Point: Fall of Liberty gamepage for more.

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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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