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Fall of Liberty gets new name

Fresh take on WWII genre.

The new name for Spark Unlimited's alternate-reality shooter is Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, Codemasters has revealed. The game's scheduled for a Q4 launch on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this year.

The game's based in 1952 around an alternate reality where Europe failed to stand up to the Nazi invasion, leaving the Germans free to mount a huge assault on American soil. The wartime technology we're used to has evolved, and you'll face the imposing rule of this foreign power not as a soldier, but as a civilian, joining the resistance to fight for freedom.

We're back in first-person shooter territory, and being promised many traditional elements of the genre from the folk that brought us Call of Duty: Finest Hour. But Codemasters was also keen to point out to Eurogamer this afternoon that this wasn't just another typical World War II outing, and that this time we could expect something fresh and new.

"With Call of Duty and Medal of Honor there's been some beautiful-looking games that play really, really nicely. But they're kind of at a point now where you've seen countless ruined French villages, you've done the Omaha Beach landings, you've done Pearl Harbour," a spokesperson for Codemasters told us.

"Fall of Liberty is creating new settings for this stuff, so while you're fighting in New York you've got the statue of liberty as a backdrop, you've got the Chrysler building, the Empire State building; we're expanding on the kind of World War II gameplay people love, but we're taking it to places people haven't seen before. We're taking this setting of New York that people know so well, and using it to create arresting and exciting wartime imagery. It's this freshness that we think is really going to appeal, along with gameplay elements we'll reveal in due course."

Fight your way over to the Turning Point: Fall of Liberty website for more information.