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Giacchino to score Turning Point

He's worked on Lost doncha know.

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Codemasters has signed up Michael Giacchino to score Spark Unlimited's forthcoming alternate-reality World War II shooter Turning Point: Fall of Liberty.

Spark COO Scott Langteau says the duo "have developed a system that will evoke mood, setting, and emotional involvement with a dynamic structure to deliver musically on Turning Point's themes: the dissonance of an occupied state, the chaos that comes from resisting an unstoppable oppressing army, and the heroic feeling of making a difference as an individual."

And if the name "Michael Giacchino" sounds familiar it's probably because you've seen it pop up on your TV screens while you've been watching Lost or Alias. The composer's also worked on Pixar films The Incredibles and Ratatouille, and Mission: Impossible III.

Spark's even worked with him once before, on Call of Duty: Finest Hour. "I love working with Spark because they're a group that's focused on fusing innovation, quality and narrative into an intensity of game experience very few can create," the man himself said. "For this game, we've taken an interesting approach that will allow the score to be more unique and emotionally personal to the player."

All of which bodes well for the noisy bits of Turning Point, which is due out in Q4. Check out our Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC gamepages for more details and screenshots.

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