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We'll make Turning Point better - Spark

But February launch looks iffy.

Spark Unlimited has said the Xbox 360 retail version of Turning Point: Fall of Liberty will not feature any of the various niggles gamers picked out in the demo.

The promise was made on Spark's IGN blog, in a posting claiming the code that was put on Live Marketplace on 23rd January was several months old.

Since then, and with the help of your feedback, notable improvements have been made. Launch copies will have significantly better movement, targeting, AI behaviour, ammo levels, grappling and graphics.

Spark is hoping it will quell the largely negative feedback the demo received.

Demos are often compiled early in development when a project reaches a feature complete stage. Once cobbled together you can't update them with changes made since.

However, with Codemasters yet to confirm the 29th February release date most retailers are listing, perhaps we are not seeing the full picture.

The publisher also offered no further confirmation on whether a fresh demo representative of final code would be released on 360.

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is a first-person shooter for PC, PS3 and 360, set in an alternate world where Hitler won the Battle of Britain and is now rampaging across US soil.

You play as a construction worker caught in the middle of it all, who rather helpfully finds he can swing a punch and fire a gun.

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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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