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Fall of Liberty for 360, PS3, PC

New FPS from Call of Duty team.

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Spark Unlimited, the team responsible for Call of Duty: Finest Hour, is working on a new first-person shooter called Fall of Liberty, to be published by Codemasters.

Set during an alternative reality 1950's, America has been invaded by Nazi Germany, the Swastika ripples from the roof of The White House, and Marilyn Monroe probably sports a funny little Hitler moustache.

Spark has dug up a historical fact - that Winston Churchill survived being struck by a taxi in 1931 - and ran with it as if the wartime leader didn't get back up off the pavement. Or ‘sidewalk'.

According to Spark, who are really going off on one, the Normandy invasion didn't happen and the UK and Europe succumbed to the tyrannical Nazi jackboot by 1945.

Which gives the developer plenty of real-world US locations to dress up in Gestapo regalia, like a wartime-obsessed edition of Ground Force.

"Spark is very excited to be working with Codemasters to bring to life an event gaming experience that will dramatise what might have happened if history had taken a different course," said Craig Allen, CEO of Spark Unlimited.

Gameplay details are sparse, but use your imagination. It's a first-person shooter so expect lots of guns with which to dispatch the Nazi menace.

Fall of Liberty will be available for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 towards the end of 2007.

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