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Legendary: The Box dev quiet on Resident Evil rumour

Hiring for a "bold new take on 3rd person action/horror genre".

Legendary: The Box developer Spark Unlimited has remained quiet on the suggestion it is making a Resident Evil game for Capcom.

The US studio, responsible for 2008 games Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Legendary (previously Legendary: The Box), refused to answer questions about its unannounced third-person action/horror game, pre-production of which began last month.

The mystery project is, according to Spark, a "breakout game based on an established console franchise". In a job advert it is described as a "bold new take on [the] third-person action/horror genre".

It is also referred to as a "franchise and genre extending game" for the current generation consoles, and is being made using Epic Games' Unreal Engine.

Posters on NeoGAF made the link to Resident Evil after noticing a VFX designer who worked at Capcom for 11 years, including on Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, joined Spark in October 2011.

In a series of Tweet replies to inquisitive gamers, Spark refused to be drawn on the finer details of its project.

"Disclaimer: We're prohibited from talking about what we are working on or for whom," Spark said. "We can only discuss previously disclosed information."

Then: "I can't discuss anything more than what I have discussed already. I can only explain public information,"

And: "As a follow-up to the just posted disclaimer: I can neither confirm nor deny what we are working on or whom we are working with."

Capcom already has form handing Resident Evil development duties to a western studio.

Third-person shooter spin-off Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City is created by Canadian developer Slant Six Games. It is the first Resident Evil game to be developed outside of Japan.

The third-person action/horror title is one of two games currently in development at Spark. The other is described as a "high-profile" third-person action/adventure for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, heavily rumoured to be Star Wars Battlefront 3.

Indeed a series of Tweets made by Spark featured strong Star Wars references.

"Publisher hasn't stated when or where the announcement will take place," reads one. "The time and place could be close or far, far away."