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Legendary 360 for late October

But PS3, PC versions lost in November.

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Atari has stamped a 31st October date on the Xbox 360 version of Legendary.

The PS3 and PC versions have been pushed back to November, however, although the publisher was unavailable to tell us why or when exactly they would arrive.

Legendary is the man versus myth shooter by Spark Unlimited. This is the same developer - albeit a different team - responsible for the dreadful Turning Point: Fall of Liberty.

The idea is that Pandora's Box has been found and opened, subsequently unleashing griffin, werewolves, and all sorts of nasties in modern day New York and London.

We had a go recently and were relatively pleased with what we saw: a no-frills, honest-John shooter where a man with guns fights beasts with teeth.

Head over to our Legendary preview to find out more. That's just what it's called, we're not big-headed or anything.

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