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Legendary: The Box unveiled

Fresh IP from Call of Duty team.

Gamecock has signed a new project from Call of Duty: Finest Hour developer Spark Unlimited, is reporting.

Legendary: The Box is a new and original project, due for release in 2008 on PC and next-generation consoles.

"Like most developers, we've always had a dream game that we've secretly been working on," revealed Craig Allen, CEO of Spark.

"We've made a name for ourselves with World War II first-person shooters, but Legendary: The Box is our labour of love. It's a thrill to work with Gamecock; they want to see the game completed exactly as we envisioned it."

Harry Miller, head of development at Gamecock offered: "If there's one genre that needs a shot in the arm, it's the first-person shooter."

"Spark's Legendary: The Box is going to be a classic, in terms of story, gameplay and technology. I'm inspired by where they are taking the genre."

Spark Unlimited is also currently working with Codemasters on Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, due for release at the end of this year.

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